By | January 3, 2009
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Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

Equality California released their 2008 Legislative Scorecard last week. I was elated to see your signature on so many pieces of EQCA-sponsored legislation.

I particularly want to applaud you for signing AB 3015 Foster Youth School Safety Education to protect students from bias-motivated harassment and discrimination by educating foster caregivers about the law.

If something should happen to me and my husband, I would want to make sure that the people who would be taking care of my kids will provide them the support and information they need about their gay dads, and protect them from bullying from other children because of their parents.

Hate is taught; this is one step towards un-teaching it.

Thank you for doing the right thing on AB 3015 and the other EQCA-sponsored bills. You’ve come a long way for a Republican who only last year vetoed AB 43 the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act of 2007, a simple human-rights bill that would have made most of these bills unnecessary or redundant.

I hope in 2009 you work towards eliminating the need for these bills by supporting full marriage equality in the State of California.


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