Dear Mr. Deasy – Our School’s Enrollment Forms are Broken

John Deasy, Superintendent
Los Angeles Unified School District
333 South Beaudry Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90017

August 21, 2012

RE: Emergency Information Card and Permanent Health History forms

Dear Mr. Deasy:

Our children started in Kindergarten last week.  Two of the forms that were issued, the Emergency Information Card FORM 34-EH-12 Rev. 1/94 and the Permanent Health History FORM 34-EH-67 7/88 had spaces for “Mother” and “Father” instead of “Parent” or “Guardian.”

As you probably know from your own statistics, the percentage of mother-father households with children under 18 represents less than 25% of all American households.  As you may learn from your legal department, California law has required gender neutrality in public forms since 2005 (AB 849).  As you must know from visiting any school today, same-gender and single-parent families abound.  LAUSD is far behind on this issue, and terribly wrong for two important reasons.

In a school system where the participation of parents is critical to the quality of our schools and the education of our children, where you are begging parents to be part of the school, the first message that you are sending to 75% of your families is that they are are not welcome.

The second message that you are sending, to every parent who has to fill out these forms, is that a child with a father and mother is somehow better than a child who doesn’t have a father and a mother.  As the California legislature pointed out, this sets up a hostile situation that fails to protect the children.

I would like some swift action on this matter. You could start with an apology to the single- and same-gender parents and their families who have been hurt over the years, along with a pledge to purge your district of these outdated forms and ideas, as we move to a future where students are measured by their merits, and not their parents.


Lynne Torgerson hates Rep. Keith Ellison

Ellison for Congress Headquarters
2700 East Lake Street, Suite 3100
Minneapolis, MN 55406

RE: Lynne Torgerson

Dear Rep. Ellison:

I live way out here in California, and because I’ve been politically active for a while, I’ve wound up on a lot of mailing lists. This email came through my mailbox. Is any of this true?

Just curious,



Lynne Torgerson for Congress
Dear Sal.

Congress is under attack by a radical Islamic fundamentalist.

Yes, I’m talking about Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), a man who openly flouts his ties with CAIR (The Council on American Islamic Relations), a group with strong ties to funding terrorism throughout the world. He is also proud to have marched with Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, during the “Million man march” of 1995, who has a strong track record for racism and bigotry.

As the most radical Member of Congress, Mr. Ellison practically blamed George W. Bush for 9/11 by comparing Bush’s actions after the terrorist attack, to the Nazi’s after the Reichstag fire in Germany. Mr. Ellison is rated more liberal than Nancy Pelosi by several prominent, national organizations for raising taxes and threatening your gun rights.

My name is Lynne Torgerson, and I am running to be the Representative for the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota. I am seeking to defeat Keith Ellison, a most dangerous member of our federal government.

As a decades-long resident of the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota, I am deeply troubled to be represented by a man who actively opposes American values and has such close ties to known terrorist organizations. Further, what do you think about Mr. Ellison’s career as he:

  • refused to take his Congressional oath with the Bible;
  • improperly accepted a $13,000 trip from a Muslim organization for a trip to Mecca, Saudi Arabia;
  • cried in front of a Congress in March 2011 while defending Muslims during a committee hearing on the 9/11 attacks;
  • associates with known terrorist organizations and others seeking to do our nation harm.

Will you give me the opportunity to defeat Keith Ellison by making a contribution to my campaign TODAY? A contribution in any amount from $25 to $2,500 (the legal maximum) will give me the boost I need to compete against one of the most dangerous men in our federal government.

Ellison will clearly have the support of his friend, President Obama, Labor Unions, and CAIR, all of who will stop at nothing to weaken our national security and fully implement Obamacare. They will attempt to threaten and silence me as they tried, and failed to do, in the past.

These groups want to prevent another Constitutional expert from being elected to Congress. They’re worried I’ll walk into the halls of Congress to repeal Obamacare, cut the size of our bloated federal government and eliminate our federal debt.

And they’re right!

With gas at almost $4 per gallon, unemployment increasing again, food prices on the rise, and our nation on the brink of bankruptcy, it is clear our nation’s leaders needs a clarion call towards sanity in order to preserve the American Dream.

What kind of nation will our children inherit if we permit more government spending or hand the reigns over to radical Islamists like Keith Ellison?

As a proud conservative, I am a practicing attorney in Minneapolis for the last 20 years and have dedicated my life to protecting the Constitutional rights of people of all races, nationalities, and religions, as our Founding Fathers established. I started my career as a clerk to a U.S. District Court Judge, and recently won a case at the U.S. Supreme Court.

As a Member of Congress, I will strictly adhere to the principles of our Founding Fathers and never apologize for being:

  • Pro-America;
  • Pro Strong Homeland Security;
  • Pro-Life;
  • Pro-2nd Amendment;
  • Pro-Traditional marriage; and
  • Pro-Israel.

If you share my views, then join me in the fight to preserve sanity in America for the sake of our children. Help me change statist Washington while also defeating the most radical member of the U.S. Congress.

Will you consider making an investment in our conservative values and the truths we hold to be self-evident by making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can spare to my campaign TODAY?

Last week’s valiant efforts by the Navy SEALS puts closure on a chapter in America’s history and is a great reward to the long fight against radical Islam. It is now time to build upon that victory for the upcoming and grueling 2012 election season without giving up until we win.

Like all Americans, I know that our priority is fixing the economy and creating jobs, but we can’t lose sight that radical Islamic fundamentalists are influencing our government and putting citizens in harm’s way, like when Keith Ellison:

  • voted against funding our troops;
  • voted against sanctioning Iran;
  • failed to pay his taxes for 7 years, but voted to INCREASE YOURS.

Unlike our ultra liberal Democratic foes, we understand that America faces threats from enemies both foreign and domestic. Keith Ellison represents one of the most significant threats to America, and that’s why I need your help to defeat him.

This is your chance to help rid our nation of a radical Muslim fundamentalist, like the people who:

  • carried out a shooting at Fort Hood;
  • attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 9/11;
  • attempted to detonate a bomb in Times Square this past year.

That’s why I’m turning to Patriots like YOU, to help me fight back against a radical Islamic apologist with close ties to known terrorist organizations. Will you give me that opportunity by making a contribution to my campaign today?

May God Bless Minnesota and America!

Yours in freedom,

Lynne Torgerson

Lynne Torgerson
Republican Candidate for United States Congress

P.S. After watching a week of news about the death of Osama Bin Laden, it is clear we are winning the war on terror abroad, but now is the time to ensure we always do it at home. In order to make certain we are well positioned for a victory against this radical, three-term incumbent, we will need some more sacrifice and significant participation from fellow patriots like YOU. Will you give me the opportunity to defeat Keith Ellison by making a contribution to my campaign TODAY? SELECT HERE to make your first $25, $50 or $100 contribution. Thank you.


100 South Fifth Street   •   19th Floor   •   Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402   •   (612) 339-5073 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (612) 339-5073 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Conservative Contacts
108F N. Reading Rd. – Ephrata, PA 17522 US

Today’s letter – Proxy for Hate

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

As you know, gay marriage in California is likely to be decided next year by a voter initiative constitutional amendment. Your action on AB 43 will have a huge impact on the outcome of that initiative.

A ‘yes’ means that you support California families, while a veto clearly says that hate and discrimination are acceptable.

There is no reason to oppose equality in California. Please help lead the people to do the right thing. Please sign AB 43.

Today’s letter – Imperial County attacks the gays, since the State won’t

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

In case you didn’t notice, the Opponents of Equality are steaming mad that you refused to join their gang and beat up on lesbian and gay Californians by defending Prop 8. In the latest ploy, they’re beating the bushes to find someone with legal standing to continue their campaign against my family.

Apparently they were able to convince the Imperial County Board of Supervisors to let the religious group Advocates for Faith and Freedom use the County’s standing to try to defend the indefensible. Good luck to them.

I am heartened that this seems headed in the right direction: instead of the Federal government deciding if two people can get married, instead of the State government deciding if two people can get married, it might be the County government who decides if two people can get married.

Maybe, someday, it will be the two people themselves who can decide to get married!


Today’s letter – thank you for acting in the best interests of the state

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

The Silicon Valley Mercury News had a wonderful summary of your actions in response to the Prop 8 ruling:

“California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who twice vetoed legislation that would have legalized same-sex marriage, has surprised gay rights supporters by urging a federal judge to allow gay couples to resume marrying in the state without further delay.”

THANK YOU! I can’t imagine a more triumphant statement of how far you, and this state, have changed in the three years since AB 43 was on your desk.


Today’s letter – Senator Ted Stevens, RIP

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

I just heard that former Republican Senator Ted Stevens died today in a plane crash. I hope you get a moment to remember the achievements of this long-time politician.

  • He had a zero rating with the Human Rights Campaign.
  • He voted against adding sexual orientation to the definition of “hate crime” in 2001.
  • He opposed the Employment Non-discrimination Act (ENDA).
  • He voted in favor of the hateful “Federal Marriage Act” in both 2004 and 2006.
  • He opposed the Mathew Sheppard act.
  • He had a 14% rating on supporting minorities through affirmative action.

It seems that the Big Tent party got a little smaller today.


Today’s letter – you can prevent Perry vs. Schwarzenegger bashings

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

As a gay man in California, I am terrified of what will happen when the court issues its decision in Perry vs. you. I have a house, family, and two small children to protect, and tensions are running high. Regardless of what Judge Walker determines, when he announces his ruling, there will be some who lash out against their neighbors with physical violence.

It has already started. In response to the uptick in gay bashings this spring, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck explained that “the LAPD often notices a spike in gay-related hate crimes whenever Proposition 8 news makes major headlines.”

I have no doubt that those who would deny me my right to marry will not think twice about punching me in the face, running me down with their car, or setting my house on fire.

Governor Schwarzenegger, since you started this with your veto of AB 43, your neutral stance on Proposition 8, and tacit support of the hateful language in the Republican Party Platform, will you speak out now to help deflate this tension, and possibly save lives?

I wish you would voice your support of lesbian and gay Californians and their right to equal treatment under the law, and denounce those who deny freedom to others, especially the Opponents of Equality who operate through both quiet intimidation and overt physical violence.

Dear Governor Lingle – Hawaii needs Civil Unions; the least you can do is sign HB 444

Governor Linda Lingle
State Capitol, Room 415
Honolulu, Hawai`i 96813

RE: House Bill 444

Dear Governor Lingle:

I’m a gay dad who is trying to be the best husband and father that I can. I am extremely fortunate to live in a state that has had civil unions for over a decade. This simple policy of “equality” helped us thrive and build a family without having to fear the heavy hand of Government meddling with our lives and livelihoods. It is easy to forget that some of my fellow Americans have to live in places where their relationships are legally less important than others, simply and only because of who they choose to love.

I just don’t understand why this is a difficult decision for you. You said that you are concerned about “the intensity of the feeling on the part of the public,” but that doesn’t make any sense. HB 444 would not have reached your desk, especially in an election year, without the people of Hawai’i behind it.

Plus, there is no downside to the bill. Civil unions have been around for years, and have always wound up being a positive experience for everybody. No place that has had them is even considering getting rid of them. All it does is level the playing field for all your citizens.

If the people are actually confused on this issue, you have an opportunity to lead them. Your fellow Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed over 50 LGBT equality bills into law – talk to him. Republican mayor Jerry Sanders said that he supports equality because he “could just not bring myself to tell an entire group of people in our community they were less important, less worthy or less deserving … than anyone else simply because of their sexual orientation.” The former Vice President, Republican Dick Cheney said “I think that ‘freedom’ means freedom for everyone.” Former Republican President Abraham Lincoln said “those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”

Equality is a traditional value and deserves to be fostered, not vetoed. Please support HB 444.

Thank you,

Today’s letter – Perry v. Schwarzenegger video feed

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

In July of 2007 I wrote to you to ask you to sign AB 43, the bill that was heading to your desk that would have ended the segregation of same-sex and opposite-sex marriages in our state. When you vetoed it, you gave a bunch of excuses, especially saying that you had to veto it, or you would be sued.

Well, now you’re being sued. Perry v. Schwarzenegger is hearing arguments tomorrow – broadcast to all the world – about whether you can enforce a law that breaks generations of a most sacred traditional value: that every citizen is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

You refused to step in to stop the Opponents of Equality from redefining equality in our state. You failed to protect me and my children from the tyranny of the majority. And you were a poor steward of the Constitution that generations of Californians used to define fairness and equality, from those that would take it away.

So we went over your head. Now the Federal courts will decide if you can reach into the population and carve out a group of people, and assign them different rights because of the way they were born or what they believe.

It is sad that it has come to this: it is much more important to have the majority of Californians support marriage equality than to have a law about it. You could have helped, but now you’re being sued. Hurray for justice.


Today’s letter – Sign SB 572 to Stop Teen Suicides

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

As a gay dad in California I have a vested interest in SB 572 Harvey Milk Day.

Since you vetoed it last year, four important things have changed. And it’s a mixed bag, but bear with me.

  • The California Supreme Court observed that homosexuals are a protected class in California, no different from every other group that has been systematically oppressed. And a narrow majority of voters have alleged otherwise.
  • Harvey Milk was the subject of an Academy Award winning movie.
  • Harvey Milk was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  • About 2,520 California teens have killed themselves because they are gay.

This last point is why SB 572 is so important. Only Harvey Milk Day will ensure that our children are taught the important lesson of hope that they need to survive.

I know that you and your wife Maria are inducting this Time Magazine 100 Heroes and Icons of the 20th Century into the California Museum; I also know that opposition to Harvey Milk Day comes from the oppressors we still have lingering around, literally killing our kids.

We don’t need somebody stuffed into a museum, we need a living lesson of hope and a clear message that the acts that killed Matthew Shepherd, Trevor and Harvey Milk are not tolerated in California. I hope you do the right thing for our children and SIGN SB 572.