By | August 6, 2007
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Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

Today I wrote to Senator Feinstein about her vote on the Judicial Subcommittee that passed along Leslie Southwick to an “up-down” vote on the Senate Floor. There are a lot of similarities to your position on AB 43, the “Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act,” which you want to pass along to an up-down vote of the people.

I was angry with Senator Feinstein because she surrendered her committee’s power and wisdom to an unguided vote by the masses. It is a lot more risky and time-consuming to educate 100 people about Southwick than just nine specialists, thus easier to pass bad nominees.

The same has happened in California. The Opponents of Equality have tricked you into surrendering your power and wisdom to an unguided vote by the masses. That subverts the power that the people have given to their representatives, and undermines whatever wisdom they have accumulated.

I have tremendous respect for the will of the people, but bringing civil rights to an up-down vote has not historically favored minorities. Please use your power and wisdom to show the people how they should treat their fellow citizens. Please sign AB 43.


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