By | October 11, 2007
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Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

I’m just a simple guy, but even I can see that the tide is turning against the opponents of equality.

A Time magazine article published today contains interesting polling data: 90% of non-Christians call Christians too anti-homosexual but a shocking 80% of Christians think that they themselves are being too anti-homosexual.

In 2007, opponents of equality couldn’t get enough support to stop marriages in Massachusetts, ban Domestic Partnerships in Oregon or even put a new (constitutionally-effective) version of “Proposition 22” on the ballot in California.

The legislature saw this coming two years ago when they sent the country’s first pro-gay-marriage bill to your desk. Then, they got reelected and passed another bill to end the special exclusion of same-sex couples from the security of marriage.

It must say something that the last anti-gay law was seven years ago, while two pro-gay bills have come to your desk in the past two years. The tide is turning, Governor. Do you want to be on the side supporting love, or the side supporting hate? Please sign AB 43 and support the freedom to marry.


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