Today’s letter – Thank you for Writing

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

I received an unsigned letter from your Office of Constituent Affairs dated July 23, 2007, thanking me for my letter regarding AB 43. The letter states “Governor Schwarzenegger does not generally take a position on legislation until a bill has reached his desk.”

On February 16 you told a YMCA Youth and Government conference “I wouldn’t sign [AB 43] because the people of California have voted on that issue.”

In a March 13 article in The San Jose Mercury News (“Schwarzenegger’s Support for Gay Rights Only Goes So Far”) your communications director, Adam Mendelsohn, presented a very sophisticated explanation of your position on AB 43, along with a promise that you would veto it.

The National Association of Evangelicals of Northern California (“NAENORCAL”) writes “This is a great victory for evangelicals. Thank you for writing the governor and asking for a veto. Apparently this bill is now dead on arrival!”

What I want to know is why you seem to read and act on letters from NAENORCAL and other Opponents of Equality, yet toss me and my family off with a form letter featuring what seems like a lie?

You have a unique platform to lead on this issue, and – like me – the people of California deserve more than lip service on this issue.


The Governor Responds – Thank you for writing

I got the first response from the Governor’s office today. It was on fancy stationery but they got my address wrong and it wasn’t signed – just a blank spot.

I assume this first thank-you was in response to my first letter, where I reference the February statement the Governor made about his plans to veto AB 43.

July 23, 2007

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for writing to Governor Schwarzenegger regarding AB 43. The Governor appreciate you voicing your opinions on proposed legislation affecting our state.

Governor Schwarzenegger does not generally take a position on legislation until a bill has reached his desk, because it can change significantly from the time it is introduced to the time it is finalized. For the current session, the California Legislature has until September 14, 2007, to pass legislation and the Governor has until Octoboer 14, 2007, to sign or veto proposed bills.

You may continue to follow this and any other bill under consideration by lawmakers at the Official California Legislative WEbsite: You may also read any legislative messages from the Governor at his website:

Again, the Governor appreciates your interest in California’s future. An informed and engaged citizenry is important to effective government in our state.


Office of Constituent Affairs