By | April 16, 2009
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Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

What is going on in this state? I just read in the San Francisco Chronicle that Napa City Councilman Mark van Gorder asked his colleagues to support a resolution saying the “city does not support discrimination and finds that all people regardless of gender should be able to enter into the legal contract of marriage.”

He was the only one who voted in favor. Three other council members did not vote, saying they were not comfortable taking a position on the issue. The vice mayor did not attend. The measure did not pass.

Bethany Holden-Soto and her wife cancelled a weekend getaway in Napa because of it.

“We want to take a trip with our tax return money and Napa seemed like a nice place,” said Holden-Soto, 28, of Modesto. “We like wine and we wanted to go somewhere gay friendly, where we wouldn’t have to worry and people wouldn’t care. Then I heard about the resolution and thought it might be a bad idea.”

We gays can’t go to Napa, San Diego, Los Angeles, anyplace inland, or even Sacramento without being beaten up because of who we are. We can’t have fairy tale weddings at Disneyland and can’t honeymoon at the Madonna Inn. We can’t even get Domestic Partnered at a courthouse – we have to go to a photocopier in the Glendale Galleria.

You say that you want to get California’s economy going – well, I wish you would do something about it. When government interferes in the people’s personal lives, the economy suffers. You have no business telling us who is – and is not – worthy of marriage. So stop it!


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