Lynne Torgerson hates Rep. Keith Ellison

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RE: Lynne Torgerson

Dear Rep. Ellison:

I live way out here in California, and because I’ve been politically active for a while, I’ve wound up on a lot of mailing lists. This email came through my mailbox. Is any of this true?

Just curious,



Lynne Torgerson for Congress
Dear Sal.

Congress is under attack by a radical Islamic fundamentalist.

Yes, I’m talking about Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), a man who openly flouts his ties with CAIR (The Council on American Islamic Relations), a group with strong ties to funding terrorism throughout the world. He is also proud to have marched with Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, during the “Million man march” of 1995, who has a strong track record for racism and bigotry.

As the most radical Member of Congress, Mr. Ellison practically blamed George W. Bush for 9/11 by comparing Bush’s actions after the terrorist attack, to the Nazi’s after the Reichstag fire in Germany. Mr. Ellison is rated more liberal than Nancy Pelosi by several prominent, national organizations for raising taxes and threatening your gun rights.

My name is Lynne Torgerson, and I am running to be the Representative for the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota. I am seeking to defeat Keith Ellison, a most dangerous member of our federal government.

As a decades-long resident of the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota, I am deeply troubled to be represented by a man who actively opposes American values and has such close ties to known terrorist organizations. Further, what do you think about Mr. Ellison’s career as he:

  • refused to take his Congressional oath with the Bible;
  • improperly accepted a $13,000 trip from a Muslim organization for a trip to Mecca, Saudi Arabia;
  • cried in front of a Congress in March 2011 while defending Muslims during a committee hearing on the 9/11 attacks;
  • associates with known terrorist organizations and others seeking to do our nation harm.

Will you give me the opportunity to defeat Keith Ellison by making a contribution to my campaign TODAY? A contribution in any amount from $25 to $2,500 (the legal maximum) will give me the boost I need to compete against one of the most dangerous men in our federal government.

Ellison will clearly have the support of his friend, President Obama, Labor Unions, and CAIR, all of who will stop at nothing to weaken our national security and fully implement Obamacare. They will attempt to threaten and silence me as they tried, and failed to do, in the past.

These groups want to prevent another Constitutional expert from being elected to Congress. They’re worried I’ll walk into the halls of Congress to repeal Obamacare, cut the size of our bloated federal government and eliminate our federal debt.

And they’re right!

With gas at almost $4 per gallon, unemployment increasing again, food prices on the rise, and our nation on the brink of bankruptcy, it is clear our nation’s leaders needs a clarion call towards sanity in order to preserve the American Dream.

What kind of nation will our children inherit if we permit more government spending or hand the reigns over to radical Islamists like Keith Ellison?

As a proud conservative, I am a practicing attorney in Minneapolis for the last 20 years and have dedicated my life to protecting the Constitutional rights of people of all races, nationalities, and religions, as our Founding Fathers established. I started my career as a clerk to a U.S. District Court Judge, and recently won a case at the U.S. Supreme Court.

As a Member of Congress, I will strictly adhere to the principles of our Founding Fathers and never apologize for being:

  • Pro-America;
  • Pro Strong Homeland Security;
  • Pro-Life;
  • Pro-2nd Amendment;
  • Pro-Traditional marriage; and
  • Pro-Israel.

If you share my views, then join me in the fight to preserve sanity in America for the sake of our children. Help me change statist Washington while also defeating the most radical member of the U.S. Congress.

Will you consider making an investment in our conservative values and the truths we hold to be self-evident by making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can spare to my campaign TODAY?

Last week’s valiant efforts by the Navy SEALS puts closure on a chapter in America’s history and is a great reward to the long fight against radical Islam. It is now time to build upon that victory for the upcoming and grueling 2012 election season without giving up until we win.

Like all Americans, I know that our priority is fixing the economy and creating jobs, but we can’t lose sight that radical Islamic fundamentalists are influencing our government and putting citizens in harm’s way, like when Keith Ellison:

  • voted against funding our troops;
  • voted against sanctioning Iran;
  • failed to pay his taxes for 7 years, but voted to INCREASE YOURS.

Unlike our ultra liberal Democratic foes, we understand that America faces threats from enemies both foreign and domestic. Keith Ellison represents one of the most significant threats to America, and that’s why I need your help to defeat him.

This is your chance to help rid our nation of a radical Muslim fundamentalist, like the people who:

  • carried out a shooting at Fort Hood;
  • attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 9/11;
  • attempted to detonate a bomb in Times Square this past year.

That’s why I’m turning to Patriots like YOU, to help me fight back against a radical Islamic apologist with close ties to known terrorist organizations. Will you give me that opportunity by making a contribution to my campaign today?

May God Bless Minnesota and America!

Yours in freedom,

Lynne Torgerson

Lynne Torgerson
Republican Candidate for United States Congress

P.S. After watching a week of news about the death of Osama Bin Laden, it is clear we are winning the war on terror abroad, but now is the time to ensure we always do it at home. In order to make certain we are well positioned for a victory against this radical, three-term incumbent, we will need some more sacrifice and significant participation from fellow patriots like YOU. Will you give me the opportunity to defeat Keith Ellison by making a contribution to my campaign TODAY? SELECT HERE to make your first $25, $50 or $100 contribution. Thank you.


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Conservative Contacts
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Today’s letter – Religious Mailbag

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

I got a really nice note from a reader who saw my posting about The Book of Ruth and how Ruth’s relationship with Naomi inspired her like it inspired me.

You may recall that Ruth and Naomi promised to love and protect each other, “’till death do we part” and wound up having a son together.

“PhourQ” writes “I believe the story of Ruth and Naomi was an answer I received when praying about this issue. I’m glad others are seeing it too.”

That seemed so concise and spiritual that I needed to share. This is relevant to the governorship because it is evidence that there are many Californians who believe, as I do, that marriage is intended to unite two people for mutual joy, comfort in adversity and to raise children in the Church. Without pronouns!

“PhourQ” goes on to say “If people want to argue that the 10 commandments still stand in order to receive salvation, then it’s funny to see people try to wiggle homosexuality into the 10 commandments…it’s just not there.”

Governor, you do not have to advocate for same-sex marriage because of gay rights, you can advocate for same-sex marriage for religious freedom. The way I read our Constitution, you have to.


Today’s letter – take a memo

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

The Governor of New York, Gov. David Paterson, issued a memo to State agencies last week, including those governing insurance and health care, saying they must immediately change policies and regulations to make sure “spouse,” “husband” and “wife” are clearly understood to include gay couples. “New York has a tradition of recognizing marriages performed elsewhere. This is not new law, but a simple extension of that policy.”

Would you do the same for us in California? Such a memo might be targeted, for instance, at our state EDD who currently “redefines” marriage as HUSBAND/WIFE rather than deferring to the Family Code for the definition of Spouse. It might help the many county clerks offices who are resisting compliance with the law. And it would help underscore what you have said, that the Executive branch is fully committed to supporting the legislative and judicial branches in swatting out unfair treatment of California’s citizens.


Today’s stamp: The Incredible Hulk from the Marvel Comics Super Heroes collection. What the EDD is doing should make you angry. Be my superhero again: terminate the hate that lingers in your government!

Today’s letter – marriages will be overturned

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

I want to give you a window into the constant “buzz” of hatred that pervades my daily life.

A YouTube user named “Danielstwin” commented on one of my YouTube videos saying

“we will see lololo [California’s fag marriages] will be overturned… no fags”

to which I immediately replied

“According to your profile, you are a fan of Ron Paul and his philosophy of libertarianism, and you talk about freedom for everybody. But you won’t let the gays get married. Instead you run around the internet calling people ‘fag’ when they haven’t done anything to you. Abraham Lincoln said “those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” If you really want your own freedom – Ron Paul fan – you are obliged to give it to others. You’ll be surprised [by what happens when you give freedom.]

“Danielstwin” followed up with a personal message:

i have many gay friends and mother was a lesbian for years….i have no problem and think fag may have been a little over board. i just get tired of hearing liberals cry over all there bullshit. i am athiust and beleive that only woman and men should be married.. if there was a private island for gays to live and be wed great but there is not and i do not want my kids asking me growing up why are those men kissing. give me a break what is this country teaching are children… you know the facts are the facts a top DNA expert of the usa has said blacks are not as smart as whites and are more barbaric. they cant help it its in there animalistic being.,and he said he can prove it… so why hide this were did this guy go??????? we have been enslaved they freed slaves and endlaved all of us….. well sorry if i offended you but no gay weddings… if men were suppost to be together a man could get pregnant. if you can pull that off i will agree lolol daniel

I was obliged to respond, as I am prone to do.

Greetings, Daniel. If you have many lesbian and gay friends (and close relatives) then you know that they just want to be treated with the same dignity and respect as anybody else.

My husband and I have been together through two of Britney Spears’ marriages. We looked each other in the eyes and made the same promises that every married couple does on Valentine’s Day 2004. We had two kids through a process called gestational surrogacy that was developed to help infertile couples have children. We both did our part as men, and we were just as pregnant as any man can ever be. Our kids were baptized in our Episcopal church and they’re just learning to walk.

Our family knows we are married, our friends know we are married, our church knows we are married, and now finally even our state acknowledges that we are married.

I am probably more tired of liberals crying over their bullshit than even you! I don’t care about rubbing my sexuality into other people’s faces. But I am also tired of seeing my neighbors – and good people like yourself – running around saying that people like me – who happens to believe marriage is about more than sex – are not entitled to their beliefs, or their freedom.

I hope that when your kids see two men kissing, you can teach them that while you might not like it, this is a free country and that those men must love each other a whole lot – just like your parents love each other. Loving somebody doesn’t make somebody less human; in fact, doesn’t it make them more?

What is better, teaching your kids the difference between love and sex, or that it’s OK to run around calling anybody they disagree with a ‘fag?’

Same-sex marriage doesn’t hurt anybody. And let’s face it – if America sent all of her gays to an island, everybody would want to visit!

Governor, I am proud to live in a country where people can express their beliefs and ideas freely without fear of retribution. I am blessed that God gave me the means, wisdom and opportunity to speak back. When I do, I have the power to change hearts and minds; but every time I do, I wonder what citizenship we have been teaching our children that they can claim their freedom to speak, believe and marry, yet stop short of allowing those freedoms to others.

The Constitutional Amendment to Limit Marriage before voters this fall is the test of that citizenship. I pray that California will past the test by defeating the measure, and leave no American behind.


Today’s letter – mail bag: “marriage doesn’t make love”

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

I’m somebody who believes in old-fashioned letters, and the old-fashioned concept that people living together should be married. So today I want to share my response to a YouTuber who read (or rather watched) my July 27 letter to you about upgrading Domestic Partnerships to Marriage.

Dear SIGNAB43:

Its IMPOSSIBLE to love someone FOREVER! sooner or later your love for someone will deminish, its only after your love deminishes where true love can be formed. True love is sometihng like “no matter what happens, i will always love you” kinda like a mother and her kids. Its only after you lose your love for someone, then you can create true love. that will be the ultimate test


Dear JUKIO01

Well, my “partner” and I have been together for ten years three months (yesterday). We liked and loved each other when we met, and we still like and love each other now. We had two kids through surrogacy in March. We made a commitment to each other and to God to stick together through the rough spots, and it worked to make our love even stronger. We did that without “marriage.” So all these hateful laws are not even effective – only hurtful, not just to us, but to the whole idea of “marriage.” Like you said, it’s true love that makes a family. We passed that test – can we get married now?


So, Governor, the kids are asking “why marriage.” Your veto of AB 43 combined with our example of true love out of wedlock shows the unfortunate side-effect of “defending marriage” by excluding people: like postal mail in the age of computers, if it is not necessary, it will go away. That would make traditionalists like me really sad.

I wish you had signed AB 43, but it’s not too late to save marriage by supporting the freedom to marry.