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Today’s letter – Big Brother or March for Freedom

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger – I would much rather stay home tonight to watch Dustin and Amber lash out at Dick and Daniele on Big Brother 8, but instead I’m going to be down at your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame…Read More »

Today’s letter – Not every Church hates the gays

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger – I am so proud of the Episcopal Church. In 2003, to underscore its belief that biblical teachings of tolerance and acceptance are paramount, they consecrated an openly gay bishop, V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire. Now, the 2.2…Read More »

Today’s letter – back to basics

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger – I was lucky enough to find somebody that I love, who loves me back. We have been together ten years, two months and twenty-one days, and our two kids are celebrating their first half-birthday today. We want to…Read More »