Month: September 2007

Today’s letter – Domestic Partnerships are bad for Heterosexuals too

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger – I’ve written to you in the past about AB 43 which would allow same-sex couples to choose between marriage and Domestic Partnership, but today I want to write to you about a reciprocal bill – SB 11 –…Read More »

Today’s letter – Once again, Domestic Partnership is not the same as Marriage

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger – I’m just a normal guy trying to be the best father I can. Something has to really upset me to get me to write a letter. You accomplished that when you said that Domestic Partnership is the same…Read More »

Today’s letter – inspiring leadership

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger – I love hearing “change of heart” stories. Yesterday, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, a Republican like you, endorsed a resolution supporting the freedom to marry, reversing his previous position favoring Domestic Partnerships. He said “For three decades, I…Read More »